Security System and Structure





Anjin Investments uses an Integrated Security System that coordinates surveillance images from CCTV, Drone camera and physical perimeter surveillance using the canine unity (dogs).

Green Zone

Area surrounding the mine, where locals have free access. Security in this area is monitored by the security forces.

Blue Zone

Covers the administration blocks and workshop, and the security function is by the company security.

Pink Zone

is the mining area namely: portal B further divided into B1, B2, B3 and B4. Static guards and patrols are carried out in this area by the company security guards.

Red Zone

The red zone is the plant area, where milling of ore and picking of diamonds is done, and the Sort House at the RGM international Airport. Security in this area is provided by the company security. In the picking houses, close security involves the company security, Minerals, Flora and Fauna Unit and monitors from ZIMRA and MMCZ. The security is augmented by a close circuit television system that has a deployment of cameras in and outside.

 The company’s system is meant to provide maximum security at the processing plant area.

Security Structure and System

The security is provided through fencing and

  • Use of patrols with dogs along the fence
  • Static guarding. Vulnerable points are manned by static guards and covered by cameras.
  • Use of reaction teams. Once an intrusion is reported by deployed static guards, the reaction is deployed to arrest the intruders. Those arrested are handed over to the police.
  • Coordination and sharing of security intelligence information with ZCDC. This coordination has improved the clearing of illegal panners.


The security system is being expanded to cover security at the new plant location. The company is in the process of upgrading the security system through installing an integrated security system that includes: vehicle tracking system, CCTV, fencing, drones and multi-tier access security architecture that allows offsite access to the authorities at MMCZ and Ministry of Mines, starting  .  

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