Anjin Investment (Pvt) Limited would like to inform to the public that a fraudster and trickster known as Ryanne Nyakasaka has been tricking unsuspecting job seekers into believing that he would arrange and recruit them as employees of Anjin upon payment of US$35 00 through an InnBucks mobile number 0775209365 that is registered as a mobile financial contact for Anjin. The aforementioned conman has been doing this for a long time and its very regrettable that a lot of unsuspecting public were duped of their hard earned cash.

Anjin Investments would like to categorically state that Ryanne Nyakasaka does not work for the company, nor does have any links with the company recruitment office. The truth of the matter is that Nyakasaka is a fraudster who uses the Chicken-Inn InnBucks money transfer platform to rob job seekers of their money under the pretentious stance of assisting them to get employed in the diamond mining company. After paying through the above mentioned mobile contact number, the unsuspecting job seekers are made to receive a fake reference number where they are made to fill in their details before receiving an Employment Number (EC). Upon receiving the fake EC number, the public is furthermore compelled to pay a thank you fee of at most US$500. This is unscrupulous, fraudulent and malicious and is tarnishing the good name of Anjin Investments (Pvt) Limited.

To further hoodwink the public, Nyakasara runs a fake online news platform, Zim Current Affair 800 @ BJ, which publishes fake stories of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe urging youths to take up employment opportunities with Anjin Investment Company. More so, the spelling for Anjin on the InnBucks account is spelt wrongly as Ainjin. In such articles the conman includes details that Anjin is re-registering its former employees at Chicken Inn Anjin Diamond Registry Network after which they will be contacted to undergo a Diamond Processing Course at the new plant and acquire a Kimberly International Diamond Cutting, Sorting and Polishing Certificates before resuming duties. There is a quick mention that most people cannot afford such diamond courses at Mt Hampden Processing School in Harare. In other articles, a list of names of purported shortlisted youths registered with Anjin are published in these fake news.

Anjin Investments have since reported the case to the Police and investigations are underway. To put the record straight, the public is advised that in the case of the company’s recruitment exercise, normative media channels such as radio, television and newspapers are used to notify job seekers of the opportunities that would have arisen and no money is not part of such a process.

Anjin, as a company, regret such negative developments and would like to urge the public to remain vigilant and always get in touch with the company Public Relations Manager and or the Human Resources Manager on such issues. Anjin does not have agencies out of the company and employment is based on merit.

SPECIAL MATARIRANO                         Signature                                             Date

Public Relations Manager